Business Services

Product order:

Hollywood Whitening is a wholesale supplier of machinery and products listed on this website. Sale terms are strictly sold to business customers for business purposes only where payments for products and equipment is being made directly to us. If you buy any item under a personal name, this is still classed as business use. Distributors, agents, trainers or affiliates may collect payment on the behalf Hollywood Whitening depending on the payment circumstances. To use the product and equipment you may need to be trained. Depending on the country that you reside, training is conducted in various ways. You may find your own training provider or we can recommend a trainer for you. Training services is between yourself and the trainer, where the payment is payable directly to the trainer, or we may take the payment on their behalf. Hollywood Whitening offers ongoing support to our customers but we are only obliged to offer support within 12 months of purchasing the initial pacakge. Consumables or product sales is only available for active members within within 12 months.

Agent commission:

Any agent acting on the behalf of both the buyer and the seller will receive up to 10% commission of the sale price. This is included within the total sale price.

Business Payments

Hollywood Whitening processes business payments via this website, we can only accept business payments via bank transfer, credit or debit cards. Buyers to pay all bank charges if any. Deposits are non-refundable on machinery, products or training. Affiliate companies we work with may also take payments on the behalf of Hollywood Whitening.

Refund terms for distributors

Deposit for machinery or products are non-refundable and non-transferable once it is placed. Machinery is custom made to order immediately after a deposit is placed. Once your items are shipped, we cannot accept refunds.

Refund terms for business products

We can offer a refund on unused product minus 25% restocking fee within 7 days. Custom built machines or business use machines are non refundable. We can exchange a faulty item within 7 days, after which the warranty terms will apply. Training services and postage costs cannot be refunded.


Delivery cannot be 100% guaranteed on the expected day. This is out of our control as it depends on the courier company. After payments is cleared, we will build your machine immediately and it can take between 1 and 21 days depending on the item and the time of purchase.


Once your order is completed we will send out the invoice. If you would like us to re-send the invoice, we can send it again within 10 days of purchase. After this there will be an admin charge of $30 /£30/ €30 to request a duplicate invoice. We cannot send any duplicate invoice after 12 months of purchase.


Warranty terms can be found on the footer section of this website.

Affiliate Products

We accept no liability of any affiliate products or treatment services advertised on this website. We do not have any control over third party businesses so you must take up your query directly with the affiliated company / personnel.


We cannot be liable for any loss of earnings, loss of business, loss of reputation and litigation against you as well as other losses when there is a problem with the product, services and training. This applies to any accidents caused aswell as any malfunctioning of your product.

If you are offering teeth whitening services or distribution, you must stay within the guidelines as set out by law in your country. This website hold no liability of the service and products provided by the teeth whitening provider and it’s affiliates in your country. They will provide a physical manual for your reference as the business do vary between jurisdictions. Within the EU, if you are not a dentist, you can only distribute the product and certain items listed may not be applicable to you. Outside of the EU may vary. You must never offer dentistry, consultation or advice on attendance if you are not a dentist.

We provide ongoing business support but we have the right to refuse any support, service and sale contract with the customer after the warranty period .

Business Model

Methods, technique, distribution, sales and business model varies depending on professional status, country and jurisdictions.


Results vary from customer to customer. This depend on their teeth structure, technique aswell as the method or products being used.


If you take out any finance, you must check the terms and conditions of the finance company as this will be applicable to you.

Treatment services and product sale or rental


When you enquire a treatment services or product sale via this website, you enter a transaction with the actual clinic for treatments. This is between yourself “the customer” and the clinic/person you visited. This website only list the clinic details for advertisement purposes and is not responsible for any services, product sale carried out by third party personnel/companies. Each individual company or personnel is responsible for the customers, bookings, treatments, liabilities, products, rental agreement, complaints and services. We may ask for your contact details so we can pass over to the nearest location to you. Not all treatment services or products are available at the affiliate location listed.

Treatment or product prices:

Consumer services, distribution or product sale prices listed on this website is a generic guide prices of various centres and is not associate with ourselves. You must enquire the price directly at each individual clinic/person.