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There is a reason that thousands of Hollywood Whitening™ systems are supplied to salons and dentists worldwide, making it a global leader in the teeth-whitening market. Our company invented this technique. It needs to be Hollywood Whitening or nothing when you bring up teeth whitening training!

A well-known brand with offices across the globe, Hollywood Whitening™ has locations in the UK, Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa. Hollywood Whitening is a leader in the teeth-whitening market today and uses equipment with the most cutting-edge technology.

Safe & Superior

Hollywood Whitening™ products are renowned for their exceptional results, decreased sensitivity, and safety. Before starting this business venture, why not have a look at the treatment information on this link? The business packages include everything you need, including the lamp, the gels, and the training. Discover why not all teeth whitening is created equal by clicking here.

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Our Approach

Your ability to distribute these items in the future will be made possible by the Advanced Hollywood Whitening™ method. Years of research and development have allowed us to provide this unique solution, designed for clients to achieve exceptional Hollywood Whitening effects. This is not just any teeth whitening. Become one of our distributors to join the world’s largest teeth-whitening training network. Your clients will adore the exceptional outcomes we provide because no one else can.

You must receive training from an authorised member before using this professional product. The products are not available to the general public, other technicians, or dentists; they are only sold to trained members.

Our members must receive specialised training in order to deliver the best outcomes so that we can guarantee superior results to our customers and maintain our reputation.

The course material encompasses theory, consulting, pre- and post-treatment planning, legal considerations, and insurance advice. Then, if you ever have any questions about the procedure or our clients, our team is here to help. Please be aware that distribution strategies can differ based on your nation and level of professional experience. If you are not a dentist, you must not provide any services that could be construed as dental care.

We use the same equipment, gels, and products across all of our clinics as a global leader. If thousands of our therapy clients adore the outcomes, so will our corporate clients. We are delighted to claim that Hollywood Whitening™ performs more teeth whitening procedures than any other company in the globe.

Comparison points to look out for

  • A quality machine + quality single use gel + quality training = Greatest Hollywood Whitening results
  • A poor machine + quality gel + quality training = Good results
  • A quality machine+ quality gel+ poor training= OK results
  • A quality machine+ poor gel + poor training = Very Poor results
  • A poor machine + poor gel + poor training = Next to No results!

Teeth Whitening Training Syllabus – Theory & Practical

  • How to determine teeth type and shades, how it works, technology
  • How to determine teeth type and shades, how it works, technology
  • What dentists or non dentists cannot do in certain jurisdiction
  • Health and safety of teeth whitening
  • Consultation/Medical information
  • Treatment plan and techniques
  • Who can be treated?
  • Hands-on practical
  • Understanding legality of teeth whitening business
  • Sales and marketing
  • Pre-treatment communications
  • Key points during the treatment, Key points to Observe after the treatment
  • Contraindications
  • Hollywood Whitening™ approved certified
  • Some of the above theory or practical may not apply if you are not a dentist

If you have been certified, your certification number can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Your customers and insurance company can check the authenticity of your certificate online. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing that you are professionally certified to distribute Hollywood Whitening. Please note that if you are not an EU dentist, you will need to follow the guidelines and protocols that will be explained during your visit. preparation.


  • Our specially formulated Hollywood Whitening™ teeth whitening gel with active ingredients not only whitens your teeth, but also makes them shine.
  • Hollywood Whitening™ is the most recognized trademark in the teeth whitening industry. This is very important for future business.
  • Global Leader – Join our chain of the world’s largest teeth whitening.
  • Many companies around the world use our systems, so you can trust the system in production.
  • Experienced practitioners and dentists say our system and technology are known to provide 70% less preparation time than other systems.
  • Your customers will not only love the results, they will be impressed with the look of our devices.
  • Our system does 95% of the work for you.
  • Excellent Customer Service
More about us

Why Us for Teeth Whitening Training at London?


Why Us?

Hollywood Whitening are known to deliver superior results compared to any other systems. The specially formulated whitening gel with active ingredients will leave teeth not only whiter but also shinier opposed to a chalky white shade.

The benefits of training with you?

Hollywood Whitening is an internationally renowned brand with offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The Group offers the most innovative technology and is at the forefront of the laser industry today. The company has implemented dozens of advanced technological innovations for medical and beauty machines. High quality manufacturing within the last 2 decades has made Hollywood Whitening into a household brand.

Do you do the business yourselves?

Hollywood Whitening™ have successfully whiten as well as distributing thousands of teeth whitening programme within our own locations worldwide. We would not train businesses on a system we felt that is not good enough for our own businesses. Our branding are known to achieve superior results, so by keeping that promise to the consumers, it is our duty of care to ensure that businesses deliver the best possible result.

Who can be trained for teeth whitening?

Anyone! We don’t just restrict our training to dentists. In certain jurisdiction such as the EU, there are certain protocols that a non dentist has to follow.


The most important factor to achieve brilliant results is not just a good system and product, but a good training using the correct technique is just as important. Years of experience and hands on the front line, we will pass this knowledge on to you. Just one simple advice can save you hundreds of hours of research. To be trained by the most experienced will give you a better chance to succeed higher than your competitors.

How long is the training?

In the past it would take many days or even weeks. Advanced technology, improved techniques and a better training structure has cut this down dramatically. Training now takes a few hours and is being carried out in many forms. If you are a non dentist, you must be trained to distribute the product in a certain manner.

After you have trained with us, you can always contact a member of our team for advise and support.

What if I cannot come to your Teeth Whitening Training centre?

We are in the year 2020, online training is the way forward and things cannot be missed out.

Does online Teeth Whitening Training mean we get less of an experience?

This is not rocket science or even hairdressing that requires a high level of skills. We have trained thousands of people this way. Online training does not mean you will receive less of an experience. The business itself is as simple as 1 2 3. The main things are the knowledge which we will pass down to you.

Do we offer call out Teeth Whitening Training?

Call out training is not economical for your business as it does not cover the costs of an experienced trainer. Logically, it is rather more profitable for trainers to do mobile teeth whitening rather than call out training. An experienced trainer would not offer this service.

I have trained with another company but I am not happy, what can you offer me?

Unfortunately this does happens. We can offer further training and advice to help you get the best results possible. Hollywood Whitening™ is the only product that can guarantee to get your teeth that extra result. Please contact a member of our team to discuss options.

Do I need insurance?

Depending on the country that you are in and your status. You may not need insurance for malpractice on certain products, perhaps just public liability which this can be discussed on the day of your training.

How do I go ahead?

Just check out on our website and your items will be shipped directly. Once you receive your items, contact us to book in for your training.

What package is suitable for my needs?

You can read about different packages of the actual product, if you are unsure you can always contact us for advice.

Teeth Whitening Training by Hollywood Whitening™ will provide your clients with extraordinary results! So let us build a ready made business for you.

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