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Teeth Whitening Extra Training

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The Advanced Hollywood Whitening™ technique and training will enable you to purchase our professional products in the future. This is not just any training, years of research and development has enable us to offer this exclusive technique, tailored for the trainee to achieve a superior Hollywood Whitening result. Become certified and be a part of the largest teeth whitening chain today. Your customers will love our extraordinary results that nobody else can achieve.

Note: This product is only available if you are buying our complete package and machinery.


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Product Description

Advanced Hollywood Whitening™ Technique Training – A professional in depth training enabling you to become an authorised member.

Please note that the training technique, methods and products may vary depending on your professional status. If you are not a dentist there are certain business conduct that you can / cannot do.

Training for dentists and non dentists

Be certified by our qualified and accredited trainer to become an authorised dealer of the Hollywood Whitening product.

In order to use this professional product, you must be trained by Hollywood Whitening authorised member. The products are exclusively sold to businesses only and is not available for the consumers or people using another brand.

To promise the consumers with superior results and up keeping of our reputation, our member must be trained in a particular standard in order to produce maximum results.

The syllabus covers theory, consultation, post & pre-treatment plan, legality and insurance guidance. After which, our team is available to offer you support if you ever have any queries on the treatment or customers. Please note that methods or distribution do vary depending on your country and your professional status. You must not offer anything that may considered as dentistry if you are not a dentist.

As a leader, we use the same machine, gels and products within our own clinics worldwide. If thousands of our treatment customers love the results, so will our business customers. Not only Hollywood Whitening™ is global renowned brand, we can proudly say that we do more teeth whitening than any other company in the world.

Comparison points to look out for

  • A quality machine + quality gel + quality training = Greatest Hollywood Whitening results
  • A poor machine + quality gel + quality training = Good results
  • A quality machine+ quality gel+ poor training= OK results
  • A quality machine+ poor gel + poor training = Very Poor results
  • A poor machine + poor gel + poor training = Next to No results!

Training Syllabus

  • How to determine teeth type and shades, how it works, technology
  • What dentists or non dentists cannot do in certain jurisdiction
  • Health and safety of teeth whitening
  • Consultation/Medical information
  • Plan and techniques
  • Who can be treated?
  • Understanding legality of teeth whitening business
  • Sales and marketing
  • Communications
  • Key points to observe
  • Contraindications
  • Hollywood Whitening™ approved certified
  • *Some of the above theory or practical may not apply if you are not a dental professional*

Training Day

Step 1 : After you have receive your equipment, contact us to book in for training. You will be provided with an extensive knowledge pack that will cover all aspects of laser teeth whitening. This will cover the mechanics of how teeth whitening works, identifying the types of staining, which teeth can be treated, legality opinions on teeth whitening and health issues associated with laser teeth whitening including scientific articles.

Step 2: You will offered an online business training video. In your package, you will be provided with a step by step guide where you will be supervised by a Hollywood Whitening™ trainer if required. This exclusive technique will enable you to become a verified member to offer Hollywood Whitening™.

Step 3 :  You will be taught on how to carry out the business legally if you are a non dentist. Having peace of mind knowing that you are being legally protected is priceless. Non dentists are being shown on what you can and cannot do. Dentists are also shown what you can and cannot do.

Step 4 : You will need proof of before and after results once completed.

Step 5: On completion of the course, your certification reference number will be updated on the website database for authenticity validation. This certification authentication will reassure your future customers that you are offering a genuine Hollywood Whitening Brand.

In certain Jurisdiction, non dentists have to follow certain guidelines and procedures. We will provide this information on the day of your training.

After Sales

To ensure that your business is successful, we are here  to help. A good machine and training is one thing, but getting ongoing support is just as equally important. Depending on the package that you buy, we will offer support to that specific order.

Your success is important to us because it is a reflection on our branding. Whether it is marketing, a training issue, operation of machine, customer’s problems etc… feel free to contact us for support. We pride ourselves in giving quality after sales and support, we want you to become a valued member rather than just a customer.

*If you are not a dentist, never offer dentistry treatment, consultation or give dentistry advice on attendance. We have no control or liability over how you conduct your business manner.

Once you are qualified, the certification number on your certificate can be verified on the manufacturer’s website. Your customers and insurance company can check the authenticity of your certificate online. Your customers will have a peace of mind knowing that you are professionally certified by an accredited organisation.

The most important qualification enabling you to operate on our machine is the manufacturer’s qualification. Note that some insurance companies may require you to have other added on qualification aswell as the manufacturer’s qualification, this depends on the jurisdiction and country that you reside. Which ever added on qualification that is required, we are able to fast track you in the right path. You may check with us if you are unsure as once training is being carried out we cannot reverse the service.