Teeth Whitening Gel


Extraordinary Results!

The professional’s choice. The “USA Whitening” gels are known to be the most effective on the market today, creating a higher result than any other. Every single customer achieves the greatest possible result that other gels just can’t deliver.

  • Safe to use
  • Low in sensitivity
  • Superior results
  • Non acidic to teeth

Product Description

Teeth Whitening Gel


You are required to be trained to offer / distribute the whitening products. An improper technique of using the product may not achieve it’s maximum potential, therefore it is only exclusive to members that have been trained to provide the Hollywood Whitening business. If you have your own light and you would like to become a Hollywood Whitening member, please contact us for details.

The gel supplier will not sell to the public as this is a business item so it is required to purchase in bulk. If you are looking to purchase, please contact the gel supplier directly. Please note that in some countries you will need to be a dentist to use certain products and technique. You may enquire directly with your local enforcement for clarifications.

If you have any questions regarding gels, you must contact the gel supplier directly as we have no control or liability regarding their products or services. This website only act as advertisement purposes and we hold no control over your business transaction with the gel supplier.

Product Delivery: Once payments are cleared, the product will be shipped directly to your door. Postage are automatically calculated in your shopping cart with a suitable delivery company depending on your location. Once you have receive your items, do inspect within 7 days in case of any damage in transit.

Items are sent out daily if the order is placed before 13.00pm Monday- Friday except national holidays. If you do not receive your items within 3 days, please notify us via message on the contact page so we can track your item. We cannot track items after many weeks and your items maybe lost if you leave it too long.

There is a very small percentage of delivery that will not arrive on time due to various reasons with the courier company. We do not have control over this and will track your items accordingly.

You may pay postage for a particular delivery company at check out but we have the right to choose which ever courier that is available on the day of shipping your item. We will only choose a like for like service that you have paid for.