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Star One™ Complete Package

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The Star One™ system with added sensitivity adjustments is suitable for mobile technicians due to it’s compact size. It is metal constructed, quality built, strong and durable so you will have no problem of moving the machine from place to place. For those setting up fixed locations/clinics, it is advisable to look at the other options that we offer.

Have a look at our complete package and the description tabs below to see what else is offered together with this system.

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Product Description

If you are new to the business, you will need a complete package which includes everything you need to offer between 20-80 sessions (Depending on the package) before you need to order any more materials such as teeth whitening gels.

The level of results we  achieve are extraordinary, hence we are “Hollywood Whitening™”. To keep this level of quality, Hollywood Whitening continue to improve our systems to be ahead of the fast moving market.

A complete package is technically a franchise without the costs where customers can contact you on our websites by searching for their nearest location, you will get free direct business via phone or email (Subject to below*) Click on the Complete Package tab to see what else this full package includes.

*Location Listing Terms: As part of this successful business referral scheme, we have the right to choose who we list on our websites find location page. Centre listing is available for everyone who buy our systems, but if you lack in professionalism, we have the right not to list you.

Star One™ – LED Teeth Whitening System

Input Voltage AC 110~240V       50/60Hz
Output Voltage 4.7V
Power 33VA
Wavelength (Blue) 460-490nm
Density 150-250mW/cm2

Sizes and Dimensions

Machine Box: 72×60×24cm- 12kg
Material box: 30 x 15 x 25cm- 4kg



Star One™

Compact and streamline


The new and improved Star One machine. This metal constructed system has an auto timer to the head. With the new added sensitivity adjustment function, making it easier for the customer to use.

People prefer to have their teeth whitened with a Hollywood Whitening™ product than any other brand

“Superior results starts with a premium whitening gel” The above chart comparison was carried out by an independent study in 2012. There were 200 participants and 20 different products. 

This Package Includes 

  • 1x Star One Machine (Blue Light)
  • Use of the most well-known branding for your marketing
  • Certified Training
  • 20x branded gels (For 20 customers) 
  • 5 free aftercare products
  • Free location listing *Subject to terms 
  • 1x Tooth Shade guide
  • Mouth shields
  • Safety Goggles
  • Brushes
  • Sterilizer
  • Other consumable materials
  • Marketing soft copy of forms, cards, flyers, posters, banners etc…
*Location Listing Terms: As part of this successful business referral scheme, we have the right to choose who we list on our websites find location page and it’s affiliates. Centre listing is available for everyone who buy our systems, but if you lack in professionalism, we have the right not to list you.

Did you know?
Hollywood Whitening has whitened more teeth than any other company in the world. This means more customers and distributors uses our systems. With offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, we are proud to say that we are a global leader in the teeth whitening industry.

Machine authenticity can be verified on our official website.

Beautiful Smile

Squeaky Clean 

Better Results

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Within the EU, if you are not a dentist, you can only distribute the product and certain items listed may not be applicable to you. Outside of the EU may vary. You must never offer dentistry, consultation or advice on attendance if you are not a dentist. 

Training for dentists and non dentists

Be certified by our qualified and accredited trainer to become an authorised dealer of the Hollywood Whitening product.

In order to use this professional product, you must be trained by Hollywood Whitening authorised member. The products are exclusively sold to businesses only and is not available for the consumers or people using another brand.

To promise the consumers with superior results and up keeping of our reputation, our member must be trained in a particular standard in order to produce maximum results.

The syllabus covers theory, consultation, post & pre-treatment plan, legality and insurance guidance. After which, our team is available to offer you support if you ever have any queries on the treatment or customers. Please note that methods or distribution do vary depending on your country and your professional status. You must not offer anything that may considered as dentistry if you are not a dentist.

As a leader, we use the same machine, gels and products within our own clinics worldwide. If thousands of our treatment customers love the results, so will our business customers. Not only Hollywood Whitening™ is global renowned brand, we can proudly say that we do more teeth whitening than any other company in the world.

Comparison points to look out for

  • A quality machine + quality gel + quality training = Greatest Hollywood Whitening results
  • A poor machine + quality gel + quality training = Good results
  • A quality machine+ quality gel+ poor training= OK results
  • A quality machine+ poor gel + poor training = Very Poor results
  • A poor machine + poor gel + poor training = Next to No results!

Training Syllabus

  • How to determine teeth type and shades, how it works, technology
  • What dentists or non dentists cannot do in certain jurisdiction
  • Health and safety of teeth whitening
  • Consultation/Medical information
  • Plan and techniques
  • Who can be treated?
  • Understanding legality of teeth whitening business
  • Sales and marketing
  • Communications
  • Key points to observe
  • Contraindications
  • Hollywood Whitening™ approved certified
  • *Some of the above theory or practical may not apply if you are not a dental professional*

Training Day

Step 1 : After you have receive your equipment, contact us to book in for training. You will be provided with an extensive knowledge pack that will cover all aspects of laser teeth whitening. This will cover the mechanics of how teeth whitening works, identifying the types of staining, which teeth can be treated, legality opinions on teeth whitening and health issues associated with laser teeth whitening including scientific articles.

Step 2: You will offered an online business training video. In your package, you will be provided with a step by step guide where you will be supervised by a Hollywood Whitening™ trainer if required. This exclusive technique will enable you to become a verified member to offer Hollywood Whitening™.

Step 3 :  You will be taught on how to carry out the business legally if you are a non dentist. Having peace of mind knowing that you are being legally protected is priceless. Non dentists are being shown on what you can and cannot do. Dentists are also shown what you can and cannot do.

Step 4 : You will need proof of before and after results once completed.

Step 5: On completion of the course, your certification reference number will be updated on the website database for authenticity validation. This certification authentication will reassure your future customers that you are offering a genuine Hollywood Whitening Brand.

In certain Jurisdiction, non dentists have to follow certain guidelines and procedures. We will provide this information on the day of your training.

After Sales

To ensure that your business is successful, we are here  to help. A good machine and training is one thing, but getting ongoing support is just as equally important. Depending on the package that you buy, we will offer support to that specific order.

Your success is important to us because it is a reflection on our branding. Whether it is marketing, a training issue, operation of machine, customer’s problems etc… feel free to contact us for support. We pride ourselves in giving quality after sales and support, we want you to become a valued member rather than just a customer.

*If you are not a dentist, never offer dentistry treatment, consultation or give dentistry advice on attendance. We have no control or liability over how you conduct your business manner.

There is a reason why we are the leader in the teeth whitening industry, thousands of systems are sold to salons and dentists worldwide. Hollywood Whitening is an internationally renowned brand with offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

The group offers the most innovative technology and is at the forefront of the laser industry today. The company has implemented dozens of advanced technological innovations for the teeth whitening industry. High quality manufacturing within the last 2 decades has made Hollywood Whitening into a household brand. Hollywood Whitening are known to be safer, reduced sensitivity and ultimately, superior results!

History of teeth whitening business

As far back as the middle ages, people have been willing to go to great lengths for a bright white smile. In those days, the neighbourhood barber-surgeon (the guy you went to for anything from a haircut to minor surgery) would file down your not so pearly white teeth and soak them in a concentrated solution of nitric acid. Patients did get the white results they were looking for, but the concentrated acid destroyed their tooth enamel, causing massive tooth decay later on in life! In the United States, cosmetic dentistry is a business that currently generates over 15 billion dollars in revenue each year and continues to grow at a rate of more than 10%.

In this exciting market segment, teeth whitening is the fastest growing sector, and is gaining popularity fast around the world. In fact tooth whitening is the safest and most popular cosmetic procedure currently available today.

The first recorded use of hydrogen peroxide for the purpose of tooth whitening was 1884 which at the time was referred to as hydrogen dioxide. By the early 1900s it was firmly established that hydrogen peroxide held the best chance of success. As a result, dentists began to focus their attention on hydrogen peroxide as the whitening agent of choice. In 1918, it was discovered that the use of a high intensity light accelerated the chemical reaction in hydrogen peroxide and enhanced the bleaching process.

Through empirical data and trial and error, contemporary whitening has evolved so that years of staining can be wiped away in just 30 minutes, and whitening gels specially formulated to leave a healthy glossy look to your teeth. Our contribution to the development of tooth whitening was in specially filtering the light to remove the heat and harmful ultraviolet radiation, and only allow the most effective wavelengths of light to enter the customer’s mouth. This has led to new levels of speed, convenience and effectiveness in the field of laser tooth whitening.


  • Hollywood Whitening specially formulated whitening gel with active ingredients will leave teeth not only whiter but also shinier.
  • Hollywood Whitening  is the most recognised branding in the teeth whitening industry, this is huge exposure for your future business.
  • You will be listed on our websites where customers can book with you directly. There are no franchise rules and fees for this service. *terms below
  • A global leader- You will become a part of the largest teeth whitening chain in the world.
  • We have many of our own clinics worldwide so you can have faith in a system that works
  • Hollywood Whitening  Treatments are known to be safer, reduced sensitivity and ultimately, superior results!
  • Experienced practitioners and dentists say that our system and technique are known to offer 70% less preparation time than any other systems.
  • Your clients will not only love the results, they will also admire the look  of the product and equipment
  • Our system does 95% of the work for you.
  • Outstanding Customer Service

*Location Listing Terms: As part of this successful business referral scheme, we have the right to choose who we list on our websites find location page. Centre listing is available for everyone who buy our systems, but if you lack in professionalism, we have the right not to list you.

Why Us? Hollywood Whitening are known to deliver superior results compared to any other systems. The specially formulated whitening gel with active ingredients will leave teeth not only whiter but also shinier opposed to a chalky white shade.

The benefits of training with Hollywood Whitening. Hollywood Whitening™ is an internationally renowned brand with offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. The group offers the most innovative technology and is at the forefront of the teeth whitening industry today. The company have set up thousands of teeth whitening businesses worldwide within the last 2 decades, which have now made Hollywood Whitening™ into the greatest teeth whitening brand.

Do you do the business yourselves? Hollywood Whitening™ have successfully whiten aswell as distributing thousands of teeth whitening programme within our own locations worldwide. We would not train businesses on a system we felt that is not good enough for our own businesses. Our branding are known to achieve superior results, so by keeping that promise to the consumers, it is our duty of care to ensure that businesses deliver the best possible result.

Who can be trained for teeth whitening? Anyone! We don’t just restrict our training to dentists. In certain jurisdiction such as the EU, there are certain protocols that a non dentists has to follow.

Training The most important factor to achieve brilliant results is not just a good system and product, but a good training using the correct technique is just as important. Years of experience and hands on the front line, we will pass this knowledge on to you. Just one simple advice can save you hundreds of hours of research. To be trained by the most experienced will give you a better chance to succeed higher than your competitors.

How long is the training? In the past it would take many days or even weeks. Advanced technology, improved techniques and a better training structure has cut this down dramatically. Training now takes a few hours and is being carried out in many forms. If you are a non dentist, you must be trained to distribute the product in a certain manner. After you have trained with us, you can always contact a member of our team for advise and support.

Does online Teeth Whitening Training mean we get less of an experience? We have trained thousands of people this way. Online training does not mean you will receive less of an experience but actually more. The business itself is as simple as 1 2 3. The main things are the knowledge which we will pass down to you. If you are still not 100% confident after the online training, a trainer can call you at no extra costs, though nobody has taken up this offer as the online training is very effective.

Do we offer call out Teeth Whitening Training? Call out training is not economical for your business as it does not cover the costs of an experienced trainer. Logically, it is rather more profitable for trainers to do the mobile business themselves rather than call out training. An experienced trainer would not offer this service. We have documented all training online so there is no room for training error or mis-information.

I have trained with another company but I am not happy, what can you offer me? Unfortunately this does happens. We can offer further training and advice to help you get the best results possible. Hollywood Whitening™ is the only product that can guarantee to get your teeth that extra result. Please contact a member of our team to discuss options.

Do I need insurance? Depending on the country that you are in and your status. You may not need insurance for malpractice on certain products, perhaps just public liability which this can be discussed on the day of your training.

How do I go ahead? Just check out on our website and your items will be shipped directly. Once you receive your items, contact us to book in for your training.

What package is suitable for my needs? You can read about different packages of the actual product, if you are unsure you can always contact us for advice.


Machine Delivery: Once full payments are cleared, we will arrange shipping directly to your door. Machine order status may show in stock but the actual machinery are made to order and can take between to 3-7 working days to be build, larger equipment can take longer depending on the time of purchase.

Postage are automatically calculated in your shopping cart with a suitable delivery company depending on your location. Please ensure that there is someone available, otherwise you can re-arrange delivery directly with the courier company.

Once you have received your items, do inspect within 7 days in case of any damage in transit.  Contact us to arrange for the training only after you have received your equipment in working order and all payments are cleared into our account.

Marketing and training materials can only be given to you by the trainer after the day of your training. You may pay postage for a particular delivery company at check out but we have the right to choose which ever courier that is available on the day of shipping your item, including but not limited to either of the courier companies listed below.

We will only choose a like for like service that you have paid for. There is a very small percentage of delivery that will not arrive on time due to various reasons with the courier company.

We do not have control over this and will track your items accordingly. Some items, you will need to pay for re-delivery if you missed the delivery date twice. You will have to pay directly to the delivery company and arrange re-delivery with them. If you would like us to ship the machine by sea or air to the port, please let us know. Buyers must pay custom or handling charge if any.

Payment Method: If you are paying by credit/ debit card/ electronically via the website gateway, we can only ship physical items to your billings registered address. If you would like your items to be shipped to an alternative address, we can only accept cleared bank transfer as a form of payment.

Warranty: 12 months Warranty with the option to extend further. You may check the warranty terms on the footer of the website for further details.

Satisfaction Guaranteed