Comet 2™ Complete Package

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Comet 2™ whitening accelerator- a high-intensity cold light teeth whitening machine rapidly speeds up the whitening process to give you the highest degree of whitening results. The light filtered out all harmful UV and infrared radiation providing a safe treatment without any irritation to the nerve of your teeth.



Unlike any other on the market, the system has a unique 3 light sources, blue, red and purple. The user can adjust the suitable wavelength to suit the customer’s teeth for a better result. The machine is aluminium constructed for extra strength, lightweight and robust for technicians on the move. It will fit easily in a small car for mobile technicians as well as technicians renting out rooms. it is ideal for people who will offer both home visits and at fixed locations. If good care is taken, this machine will last a lifetime without maintenance. Great technology and design with a colour touchscreen control panel, the quality is outstanding compared to any of its range.

The NEW and improved triple wavelengths 2020 technology will guarantee to leave other systems behind when it comes to achieving the whitest result. Hollywood Whitening Comet 2 will truly make a statement to any salon or dental office wanting something out of the extraordinary.

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