According to an estimate, the average growth rate of teeth whitening business is $6.9 Billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a rate of 5% from 2022-2030. There is an increase in demand for dental aesthetics and cosmetics as more people are looking for a better presentation of themselves.

In the US Particularly there is a 5.5% growth rate of teeth whitening business which says the business is deemed to grow in the future.

Teeth Whitening Machines, toothpaste, gel, charcoal powder teeth powder all come under this segment these products have great potential in the market as some of these products are used daily.

With this forecast, many Teeth Whitening Clinics have also started to come into existence and you need to be better and smart to open up your teeth whitening business in 2024.

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Is the teeth whitening business profitable?

This question has arisen over and over again for new entrepreneurs. Many people feel that it may be overly saturated as it is being offered in every high street corner, so competition can be a worry.

With Hollywood Whitening™, we have no competition, we are the competition!

Your success relies on how well you conduct your business and the brand you are using.  Hollywood Whitening™ technicians have no problem getting the customers through the door, why? Because savvy consumers know that our products are superior.

Although the USA is one of our main markets, last year alone we referred £70,000 worth of customers to a clinic in London, that’s an average 9 customers a week just from our referral programme alone, excluding the clinic’s marketing.

A very happy clinic owner indeed. Not bad for an investment of around £1000 and no monthly costs for referrals.

How much should I charge? 

Did you know in the ’90s clinics were charging up to £1000 for a single tooth whitening treatment? We have been there and done that, but today, it’s averaging at £99 per customer.

The difference is huge, but the profit margin was higher in 2015. Why is this? Simply because our manufacturing processes are cheaper, more consumers are aware that it is a cosmetic treatment rather than a medical treatment.

It can be easily carried out in the space of a lunch hour, fuss-free.

We say it is better to do 40 customers at £99 rather than 2 customers at £1000 a month. With a Hollywood Whitening brand, you can always charge more than others.

This business is expected to rise in the next 5 years. It is better to start your business sooner and get yourself established now rather than later. Don’t let your competitors cash in first.

So what is the downside to the teeth whitening business?

Ever since the birth of the teeth whitening business in the 90s, many teeth whitening businesses get a lot of haters when they are successful.

Especially from those who overcharge and want to regulate the industry, overturning it to a medical procedure instead. But don’t worry, you have our backup and thousands of others who are using our products.

Just let the haters hate and the lovers love. You will continue to get customers walking through your door, as this remains a cosmetic procedure.

If done correctly you will gain a lucrative and legitimate cosmetic business, otherwise, it may be classed as medical if you are misinformed or untrained.

Become a Hollywood Whitening member today, and be part of the largest teeth whitening innovator in the world. Why not start the teeth whitening training and business today?



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*Methods, products, results, and distribution vary depending on professional status and jurisdictions.

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