Hollywood Whitening™ Super Kit

£29£55 (GBP)

Professional home use teeth whitening kit Hollywood Whitening™ Super Kit is a product to be used at home in conjunction with a dental quality retractor. The kit provides a far better material and techniques to penetrating the teeth deeper than other gumshield methods. This product is also suitable for maintaining that smile after a professional Hollywood Whitening in clinic laser session! 

A revolutionary whitening product containing a powerful whitening agent that dissolves difficult to remove stains deep inside teeth, without any damage to the tooth enamel. This advanced formula wipes away surface stains, leaving you with a healthy and sparkling white smile.

This kit is reusable and can last from 12-15 gel applications. The activated mini light speeds up the whitening process, making the procedure more effective and quicker for our busy lifestyles. The Hollywoood Whitening™ super kit is developed by the people that supply laser teeth whitening systems which are being sold to dental clinics worldwide. 



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